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Mold Warrior: Your #1 Choice for Mold Companies Near Me

Finding reliable mold companies near me has become essential in maintaining a safe and healthy living environment, especially since the increased awareness of the potential dangers of mold exposure. These mold remediation experts offer competitive pricing, free estimates, free estimates, and evaluations, ensuring that customers receive the best possible service at an affordable cost. With their expertise, they can effectively identify and eliminate mold, providing a safe and healthy environment for homeowners and businesses alike. 

Black Mold Remediation Experts

Competitive Pricing | Free Estimates & Evaluations | 24-Hour Service 

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We Are Committed To Cleaning Excellence!

Reliable and Efficient Mold Removal Services

With 4+ years remediating mold of every known type, servicing homeowners, commercial businesses, as well as healthcare facilities. Our relentless passion for excellence and customer service means we continuously invest in improving our processes and using the latest treatments and technologies.

Mold Warrior is a leading provider of mold remediation and restoration services in both the residential and commercial markets, operating throughout Southwest Michigan & Northern Indiana.

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We are committed to a healthy environment!

Top Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration Services

Our dedicated mold remediation procedure effectively removes any potentially dangerous spores or particulates from affected spaces, guaranteeing the restoration of a safe and habitable environment for your property.

Unlike standard residential or commercial cleaning, mold remediation and water damage restoration demands specific industry knowledge, specialized equipment, and relevant certifications.

Improper handling of the cleanup & removal process can lead to health and safety issues while causing additional harm. We thoroughly kill, treat, and prevent all hazardous mold growth from affected areas, ensuring that our customers’ properties are restored to a safe and livable condition.

Professional Mold Inspections: Identifying and Resolving Mold Issues

When it comes to safeguarding your home or business from mold issues, a professional mold inspection is paramount. Our local, certified inspectors specialize in identifying and resolving mold problems efficiently and effectively. Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we thoroughly assess your property, paying close attention to areas prone to moisture buildup, such as bathroom, kitchen, and other high-risk areas.

Our experienced team meticulously examines surfaces, walls, floors, and even insulation for signs of mildew, fungus, or water leaks. With a keen eye for detail, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your property's ventilation and moisture levels, offering valuable prevention strategies tailored to your specific needs. From initial inspection to final assessment, our professionals guide you through each step of the process, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the project. With our stellar track record and positive customer reviews, you can trust us to tackle any mold issue with expertise and precision. Contact us today for cost estimates and see why we're the leader in mold inspection and remediation services.

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Comprehensive Mold Testing Services: Ensuring Your Property's Safety

Ensuring the safety and integrity of your property starts with comprehensive mold testing services. If you suspect a mold problem or simply want to assess the condition of your home or business, our experts are equipped to provide thorough evaluations. From identifying mold spores in hard-to-reach areas like basements to assessing the extent of contamination in materials such as carpet and flooring, we leave no stone unturned in our examination.

Our testing process involves meticulous attention to detail, categorizing findings and providing clear details about the mold situation on your property. We understand the importance of transparency, which is why we keep you informed every step of the way, from initial questions about the process to discussing project costs and results. Whether it's a small area or a larger home project, our accessibility tools and expertise allow us to assess every part of your property, ensuring that no mold issue goes undetected. Trust us to provide accurate and reliable mold testing services to safeguard the health and integrity of your space.

Why Choose Us?

We Put Our Customers First.

The processes and systems we put in place provide a consistent, high quality service with a focus on safety. All of our employees are trained using IRI standards, the most current mold remediation and water damage restoration techniques in the industry.
And we stand behind our work - we don't pack up until our customers are satisfied and we carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any work performed because we want to keep you and your loved ones healthy!


Services We Offer

Mold Removal & Water Damage Restoration Specialists

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Mold Removal

Mold Warrior provides solutions for residential and commercial mold removal across Michigan & Indiana. Getting your basement, attic, or living/working space back to a healthy condition.

Specialist in hazmat suits cleaning disinfecting coronavirus cells epidemic, pandemic heal

Commercial & Industrial

We specialize in treating large office / work environments in the commercial & industrial space, adhering to the most stringent IRI guidelines for mold remediation.

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Mold & Air Quality Testing

Mold and indoor air quality are strongly related. Mold is a common allergen that can impact air quality, leading to health issues.  We test your environment using the latest technology available so you can breath easy.

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We come to your property and using the most up-to-date systems, sanitize and kill bacteria up to 99% effectiveness across your entire home or facility.


Water Damage Restoration

We provide flood restoration services to help you recover quickly after a tragic situation and get back to a normal life without the fear of hidden mold to return and cause even more disastrous results later.  Get it done right the first time.

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We come out to your house or place of business and use the latest techniques and equipment to find any appearance of mold hidden from a view that can affect your health. 

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We kill mold in its tracks!

As the top Michigan & Indiana mold remediation experts we aim to exceed expectations:

What Mold Warrior can do for 
you and your family or business:

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Non-toxic Treatment Options

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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24/7 Emergency Service

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Free Estimates & Evaluation 

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John G - St. Joseph, MI

"From the moment they showed up I knew I was in good hands, they completely removed any sign of mold from my 1930's basement"
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